Virtual Buyer

I am, by nature, an overly cautious person. We bought our first house, sight unseen, neighborhood unseen, and entire state unseen. And I would never have done that with anyone other than Austin. From the beginning he was on the ball, explaining neighborhoods, helping us formulate our plans, Facetime showings and background investigations on the various properties we were considering. On the business side, he made a number of brilliant suggestions that we never would have considered, and his knowledge of real estate laws was reassuring. On the human side, he truly knew all the different areas and the different cultures of the different locations and helped steer us to our best fit. All with all the candor, humor, flare and honesty you could ask for. We absolutely adore our new home. The house was prettier then the pictures, the neighbors have been wonderful and the neighborhood was everything Austin promised it would be. Trust me when I say you want to buy in Austin with Austin.

— LH